Raise the Rent for R:evolve Clothing

R:evolve Clothing is a swap shop boutique run by local volunteers who aim to reduce textile waste by trading in your old clothes.

R:evolve Clothing is a swap shop boutique in the heart of Rutherglen in South Lanakrshire run by local volunteers who have a passion for the environment. Every year 350,000 tonnes of clothing is thrown out into landfill each year in the UK, whilst 30% of the clothing we own hasnt been worn in the past year. Our swap shop aims to reduce waste and textile consumption by offering a space were local people can trade in their old, unwanted clothing for something more relevant through a cash-less points based system, completely free of charge.

We also run make do and mend and up-cycling workshop from our boutiques where local people are invited to drop in and learn sewing and mending skills to help them pro long the life of their clothing and save money.

This crowdfunding project will help us to raise money towards the rent and electricity bill for a full year.