Radio Reverb - Time 4 T Reverbathon Sponsorship

Sponsor Time 4 T for RadioReverb’s 8th birthday!

New stretch target

Any extra funding will go towards keeping Radio Reverb commercial free and provide radio services to the community at wide.

Project aim

Sponsor Time 4 T for RadioReverb’s 8th birthday!

About the project


This March, RadioReverb is eight years old. And like any eight-year-old, we're funny,

insightful, unpredictable, inventive and occasionally downright wilful.

To mark that anniversary, we’ll be holding a "Reverbathon" fundraiser, broadcasting

live from 8pm on Friday March 6th to midnight on Sunday 8th March 2015.

Time 4 T will be live at 7PM on the 8th with Trans* performers and some great trans role models.

Sunday 8th March is also International Women’s Day, so from 8am-midnight we’ll

just be having female presenters in our Women's Takeover Day.

All programmes will be live and aim for maximum interactivity with listeners via email,

Facebook and Twitter.

Please give what you can so we can go live with Time 4 T the Europe's First and only Trans* themed radio show on FM.

Thank you

Claire Parker

Time 4 T Presenter