Radical Assembly

The Radical Assembly meets to plan action to link and strengthen community-led, working-class, liberation and social justice campaigns.

Can you give your support?

After the tremendous success of the first assemblies, we need your help to keep them going! All donations small and large will be used for the next assembly on Sunday 14th June, and for future events and projects democratically decided out of the assemblies.


About the Radical Assembly

On Thursday 14th May 1000 people gathered in Central London to talk about the future of the radical left social justice movement. The meeting wasn't perfect, but the energy was incredible.

The second assembly met on Saturday May 23rd. The plan is for a regular London-wide assembly, informed and represented by a cross-section of the movement, and by the local community assemblies.

The assembly aims to actively contribute to building a truly democratic, bottom-up movement that supports the diversity of existing struggles while respecting their independencee.

The assembly meets to plan action, to link and strengthen community-led, working class, liberation and social justice campaigns. Discussion is  participatory, inclusive and led from the floor.

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