Radiate Windrush Festival

Radiate Windrush Festival

70th Windrush Anniversary Event celebrating the beauty, impact & presence of Black Culture in our Communities with a Festival, Summit & Expo

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Radiate Windrush Festival 2018


A Radiate event is an experience to share with friends, a movement that has been created to produce relevant Black Culture events & spaces which fully express the vibrancy, colour & essence of Blackness in Britain today.

 Join us as we crowdfund for London's first annual Windrush Festival, Summit & Expo aimed at celebrating Black Communities from the many generations both born and migrated into the UK over the last 70 years. It's our hope that people from all across the country will help to fund & support this great project so that it can be the movement that it deserves to be in Britain.

What is Radiate Windrush Festival?

In a nutshell it is a Festival, a Summit and an Expo all in one!

The date has been set and the funding goal has been opened to create a great event - so join us by making a pledge today. 


The Radiate Windrush Festival is a brand new event for the 2018 calendar, to mark 70 years since the 1948 arrival of the Empire Windrush in London.  Scheduled to take place over 3 days between 22 - 24 June 2018, it will be a safe space to freely express & recognise Black Culture in its various forms with activities specifically curated & centred from the black perspective. It will be an inspiring, innovative & thought-provoking weekend full of vibes for all the family. 

This event aspires to have something to interest everyone attending with various offerings from within the Black Community across the arts, crafts, cultural practices, tech, travel, food, fashion, business & more. You'll be able to take a stroll through the Expo whilst discovering new products & being nostalgic about old ones. Pop into the Summit to listen to talks by experts or even join in a lively community debate! You may just be feeling to hold a vibe at the Festival's all-dayer whilst rooting for one of the sound systems in the sound clashes. Even if you just want to come & just chill to network in one of the limin' spots, we've got you covered for that too.  All attendees are encouraged to come out looking colourful & cultural representing the true vibe & diversity of their blackness.

Summit - Listen, Learn & Contribute

Our Summit will use debates, panel talks, interviews & seminars to explore relevant topics related to black culture & its communities. The key themes will cover a range of interest areas from within tech,  beauty, finance, education, travel & more

Festival - Watch & Experience

Our Festival will be set up to provide a range of entertainment activities for all the family such as concerts, dramatic plays, comedy shows, sound clashes, all-dayer, dance displays, art exhibition, community forum space, workshops, taster sessions, masterclasses, black film pod, chill-out spots & interest hubs all centred & curated from the black perspective

Expo - Walk Around, Browse, Discover & Buy

Our Expo will showcase the talented craftsmanship, entrepreneurialism, innovative products & achievements from within the black community. We are also excited to feature the soft launch for the UK's first Black Culture Travel Market highlighting the destinations of black origin & countries that are great for black travellers to explore


Once the festival has been successfully funded, a detailed programme of activities will be available to help attendees plan their visit.


Would you like to support the Festival?

We can all make it happen, but we need pledges from you & others to get the funds we need to deliver an outstanding event. You will get to be a part of this magic & one of the founding family from the very beginning. All our rewards are exclusive to you as our founding family, but of course limited in availability, so they won’t be around forever.

With your help, we can continue to line up the right partners & content. Our process includes crowdfunding to support the event, management & production costs. Pledges will also cover venue, staging, audio & visual, advertising, print costs, postage, security, refreshments, events, programmes, project direction & staffing.

As part of our planning process, we are also looking for one or two venue hosts with spectacular locations who will be eager to host the Radiate Windrush Festival, playing a pivotal role in the launch of this great cultural event for London. We will be looking for them to help us deliver the festival as a supportive venue partner so that we can represent our communities with the light, love, laughter & fun that we deserve.


New to Crowdfunding?

Here’s how it works:-

US:   Plan Project > Share Project > Raise Support > Reach Goal > Receive Money > Deliver Event > FEEL GREAT!! (& repeat again in 2019)

YOU:   Read About Project > Pledge Your Support > Share Project/Track Our Progress > Attend Event & Receive Reward > FEEL GREAT!!

It is important to know that the money you pledge to us will help us reach our target. Once we have reached our target your pledges will be debited from your account and the money will be sent to us. We will then deliver Radiate Windrush Festival 2018 and depending on the pledge you make, you will get either your all-access pass, your tickets at a discounted price or a special thank you/gift. We want you to know that in the unlikely event the festival does not go ahead it is our duty to refund your pledge so your pledge is protected as part of our promise!

You can choose to make your pledge a donation or a purchase.


Want to be involved as a volunteer, performer, speaker, trader or something similar? Have a topic of something pressing on your mind - get in touch!

Contact us info@radiatefestival.com


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So Who’s Behind Radiate?

Radiate  Windrush Festival 2018 will be presented by Wanda Nation & Partners

Festival Director - Wendy Cummins

Wendy has a passion for all things travel, creative, tech, political, cultural and has been working in the arts and culture sector for over a decade. A zealot for good taste experiences & a very deep love for rich coffee, she dances on auto-pilot to music from the Caribbean, Africa & other tropical climates. Wendy has travelled solo to a number of far-flung destinations around the world in pursuit of exploring & absorbing cultures that influence our daily lives.

An 80’s child of immigrant Black Caribbean parents, Wendy was raised on a South-London council housing estate & knows all too well about black cultural communities in London and their impact across the Country. It is a sad fact that the black communities in Britain are still very socially marginalised, despite living in a place many have been born in and lived for 3 or even 4 generations. Wendy hopes that this festival will be established as a legacy event to annually celebrate the Windrush and acknowledge the vibrancy of the generations that have heavily contributed to making life in Britain chic, trendy, interesting and colourful. 

There is no doubt that Black Culture has provided a wonderful 'ethnic' backdrop for mainstream British culture in the UK. Sharing mannerisms, rhythms, language, flavours, ways of socialising & traditions it has helped to create an edgy, cool environment to live, work & play, so it is now time we properly acknowledge that.

Black culture as a whole is enigmatic, multi-layered & beautifully complex, it has numerous sub-cultures that exist within their own right. It is true to say that the depth of who we are & where we come from is rarely understood by those that encounter us, yet still, the impact we have is undeniable in the day to day living. 

This heartfelt project which has been in the planning process for the last decade and now there is finally an opportunity to bring the vision wholly to life. 

Help us Radiate with your pledge to support us today.


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