Racing for the UK

Racing for the UK

 I am a 14 year old hoping to race for England and Great Britain.  

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 I am a 14 year old hoping to race for England and Great Britain.  

For the past 7 years I have trained extremely hard in swimming and over the past year have competed at the British Nationals and British Championships in swimming.

This has been particularly difficult as I also have Type 1 Diabetes which continually affects my day to day life and is a continual process of change to try and stabilise so that I can reach the very top.  Competing at the top of Britain means that I have become one of the best in my age group in several events.

I am raising money so that if I can reach the finals at the British Championships that I am actually allowed to compete.  Although I have lived in the UK since I was only a couple of months old I do not have British Citizenship and require this to be able to represent Britain in events outside of the UK.  It would also support me in buying new equipment which needs replacing often due to the amount that I use it each day, 8 training sessions a week, 2 hours per session means that equipment and racing suits deteriorate quickly.

Please support me in my cause as it means so much to me.