Hi, I'm Rachel. I have lost 5 stone. Please help me raise the funds to allow me to follow my dream of becoming a Slimming World Consultant

 Hi, my name is Rachel I am 44 year old a wife and mother of 3.  18 months ago I decided to try and loose weight.......I built up the courage to walk through the doors of the local Slimming World - and wow I am so pleased I did.  Not only did I loose weight, I gained in confidence and have made friends.  Now, at target and 5 stone lighter I have decided to become a consultant for Slimming World.  I want to help others like myself 18 months ago.  I would like to share the love I have for healthy eating and share Slimming World with as many people as possible.  The photo above is me a few months before I started at Slimming World.