RA Motorcycle Photography

RA Motorcycle Photography

I'm trying to raise funds for new equipment, with the aim of setting up a small photography business, specialising in motorcycle photography

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 7th Dec 2016 our project closed


I am trying to raise funds for a new camera, laptop, and accessories to start a small photography business, specialising in motorbikes and racing. I have several race tracks near me that I go to frequently to try and get some decent pictures but taking them on an Iphone or cheap camera just inst giving me any good shots. I am trying to fund most of this myself but am struggling to get the last little bit to get a decent camera set up. I have several friends with bikes who have liked the photos, and brought a few from me (at mates rates) so I am confident that with the right equipment I could make this work. I am constantly at track days taking shots and there has been a lot of interest in the photos from other riders, and there is definietley a market for this photography, as everyone wants a photo of themselves to show their mates/family.