R.O.S.A and Darwen Tennis Club cooperate to start a Sunnyhurst Community Centre. Help us by voting and sharing and pledging what you can.

Residents of Sunnyhurst  Association has no indoor facilities.

ROSA was formed in 2004 by local residents to represent and promote the interests of all residents in the area by fostering a community spirit and the idea of supporting neighbours, especially those vulnerable , needy or lonely. Over the years many events and activities have been held to include every age, gender or disability. This has proved very difficult without a suitable building to use. At the present time, we hold our events outside, many have had to be cancelled because of atrocious weather conditions. Previously we held weekly coffee mornings at the local pub, this proved unsuitable. The Tennis Club kindly offered to hold them for senior residents in their Clubhouse and they have been going on now for over four years. They have proved extremely popular with locals and those even from further afield.

Darwen Tennis Club has a delapidated and underused Clubhouse which it has to be renovated and which will be the only building suitable in the area to host a Community Centre.

The joists and floor are rotten. All plunbing and electrics have to be replaced with disabled access and toilet. The whole building is to be insulated and internal walls reconfigured. Fortunately almost enough money has been  saved, raised and donated to accomplish this renovation of the fabric of the building.


It is a no-brainer. Darwen Tennis  Club are going to share the Clubhouse with ROSA as Sunnyhurst Community Centre

DTC and ROSA are endeavouring  to turn the renovated clubhouse into a warm and welcoming building. This is why we are applying to Marks and Spencers Energy Fund for the latest in infra-red heating. Immediate, silent and controllable warmth which doesn't take up valuable space and can be fitted on ceilings and walls. With mould, damp and condensation inhibiting properties it is far more economical than our present electric convector heators and no maintenance costs.

Rosa Recent Events

A Christmas Sparkle  without a centre to hold event we are weather dependant.                                                                                            A weather dependant "Xmas Sparkle"

A warm community centre would providespace and privacy for children

Seniors Christmas lunch in "The Sunnyhurst Inn" but space at a premium

Visit to local garden centre and seniors outing for "tea"


Fundraising for charity

We need your support!!!  Get voting!!! and Pledging!!!

Both organisations are menbers of Blackburn with Darwen Council Community and Voluntary Service