Quills Coffee Shop A Business project from Liverpool, Merseyside by quills-coffee-shop

After three years of planning, tonnes of research and plenty of coffee, our project is finally ready to launch!

Say hello to Quills Coffee Shop!

So where did the idea come from?
Like all great ideas, it involves a book lover and a hot tub...

At university, Lee recognised how important it was to have a space to read and study, and so tried to find such a magical place. Soon he found himself in a Goldilocks situation. The library was too quiet, stuffy and formal, and although it boasted quality resources, it suffered poor vending machine drinks and worse vending machine food. So onwards he travelled to the local coffee shop, where he found better food and drink with a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, but at the cost of crowds, tiny tables, and high prices.

Getting the balance right was tricky, and often meant only staying for a short amount of time. From this, the idea to offer a better reading, study and social experience was born: the study-equivalent of the 'just-right porridge'.

The idea lingered until Lee graduated and met back up with his friend Mark. Not long after, the pivotal 'light bulb' moment happened… in a hot tub. On a cold night in Liverpool after a tough day, the two discussed how they wanted to do something different and make some small difference to the world. Mark suggested setting up a business, and Lee explained his idea. Thus, Quills Coffee Shop was born! Skip forward three years, and they've found a prime location, brought in architects, and sourced some of the best coffee and cupcakes man has ever known.

Now the magic needs to happen.
Part of the fun of creating Quills is the chance to work with a wild variety of people - from steampunk consultants to local independent bakers. As well as generating much-needed funding, using Crowdfunder gives us the opportunity to tell lots of people about Quills, its desires to work with local educational institutions and its ability to promote small businesses.

What will we do with your money?
The funds generated will be split into three main areas; construction, stock and the lease.

Working with our architects we've created an inventive, functional and welcoming design with considered sound dampening materials. Plus, we'll have areas for different uses (including a reading room!) and a power system where sockets can be pulled down from the ceiling to your laptop table.

Having scoured the earth - well, the north west - we put our taste buds to work and found the best local coffee, cakes, and created a food menu full of brain-boosting ingredients (avocado and chicken works wonders).

The Lease:
A funky shop with a basement level for: acoustic sessions, book groups, art displays, discussion groups and, well, pretty much anything else you can think of (except that). Did we mention our reading room? And we'll have our team split to keep both our long stay and short stay customers happy! Yes, we support all types of coffee (and tea and hot chocolate) lovers.

So, help us make Quills happen! Spread the knowledge, give a little (or a lot) and be rewarded!

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£ 1,135 RAISED OF £10,600 TARGET
PLEDGE £5.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Name placed on our website as a Quills Coffee Originator.
PLEDGE £20.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far £20 gets you a Quills Coffee Gold Membership card. This entitles you to get 30% off all products, both in shop and online. Don't live nearby? We'll deliver!
PLEDGE £25.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Invite to our launch party as a special guest, with a free drink.
PLEDGE £30.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far One of our sandwiches named after you, or if you want to give it as a gift, then after someone else! Perfect birthday or Christmas gift? Yup!
PLEDGE £40.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far A coffee and cupcake hamper. We'll post out your choice of 4 of our fantastic cupcakes locally made, plus a 500g bag of your choice of Quills coffee.
PLEDGE £50.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far For coffee lovers: Take part in a coffee tasting session at the shop with our master brewer. For the tea drinkers: Take part in a tea tasting session at the shop with our Tea expert! You'll know your Rooibos from your Burundi Ngozi in no time! Plus your name on our website as a Quills Coffee Originator.
PLEDGE £70.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Your name placed onto our Book Case Pledge Wall in the shop. Front and centre for the world to see your brilliance. 150 book spines each with a pledges name on them. Not only do you get to be a permanent fixture of our shop, you also look like you're a published author!
PLEDGE £100.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far The Christmas Package: 5 flavours of Quills coffee, 4 boxes of tea (25 bags), 3 Quills cupcakes, 2 Gold membership cards and a special thank you video from Mark and Lee.
PLEDGE £250.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far The Quills package: 5 flavours of Quills Coffee (500g), 5 boxes of Quills tea (25 bags), the Quills hot chocolate (500g) and 5 Quills cupcakes. All packaged and delivered to where you like. You'll also get 2 Gold Membership cards, your name in gold on our book spine pledge wall, and a special thank you video from Mark and Lee!

Myself (Lee) and my business partner Mark both love reading and both love tea and coffee. Why haven't the two been brought together in a harmonious w... view profile