protein bites uk

protein bites uk

We have created the product and now need funding for marketing and accessories. We have most of the ingredients, website etc


of £10,000 target




days left

We have diligently researched the protein food market and have realised that there is a gap for fresh home made protein treats. We have researched our recipes and have made protein based foods that taste good and so far the feedback has been brilliant. We are aiming to launch the business in January 2017 and the website etc is ready. We have also realised that alongside the food, we can sell our own 'clean' products under our own brand. So Raw Cacao, Coconut Flour, Coconut Oil, Peanut Butter, Whey & Vegan Protein.  We can also sell clothes, water bottles and protein shakers, however to buy all this we need the extra investment as all items have a min order quantity, we then need to label and store. We believe that these products will work well alongside the current product as both promote a healthy clean lifestyle.