Property Qube

A Business project Bristol, England

Property Qube

Two Young Entrepreneurs With One Aim: To Give Everyone And Anyone Financial Stability.

Who Are We?

We are two aspiring young entrepreneurs who want to help young people buy their house quicker by growing their assets and give everyone else the financial stability to enjoy their lives.

We are two business partners who do not want to go to university but instead want to go into the world of business and make a name for ourselves.

We are fortunate enough to both come from good backgrounds, both our parents renovate and develop houses every once in a while so we have first-hand experience in this sector. We aren't afraid to get involved in the work and are dedicated to put every hour of our lives into this business. We are asking for funding because we are young adults and do not have the required capital to start up without some help. We have poured in every pence of our savings into this project but unfortunately, it still isn't enough which is why we are asking for funding.

We are also conscious of our futures which is ultimately why we are starting this business. We don’t like the fact that the age of people buying their first house has risen tremendously and want to help bring the age gap back down.

Our Idea

We are two young entrepreneurs looking to help students and young adults like us grow their assets and not have to worry about finding thousands and thousands of pounds to be able to put down a deposit on a house.

Our primary aim is to dramatically shorten the time it takes for young people to buy a house, due to inflation and the housing crisis more and more people are suffering and forced to go into rented accommodation, which adds increased stress on keeping up to date on payments which in turn does not give anyone the stability they need to enjoy their lives and start a family.

However young people are not our only target demographics, we also want to help everyone including the elderly. We want to help grow their assets more than just a bank's yearly interest so they can provide for their children, not rely solely on their pensions and not have to worry about their finances but enjoy their lives.

Our idea is to help these people grow their assets a lot more than a bank's interest would, to do this we want to create a crowdfunding site built solely for properties. The general idea is that we will place a house on the site which we feel has the potential to be renovated quickly with the aim to provide our shareholders with a quick return. People/Investors will then have the decision as to whether or not they invest in this house. When the house is fully funded by investors we will start work on renovating it. Then once finished and sold we will repay all the shareholders who invested their initial investment plus their share of the profit.

We will also offer a longer term option for those who want a monthly income and increased profits. We will again crowdfund a property we see potential in, renovate it and then rent it out to the public for 1, 3 or 5 years. This will have increased benefits as it will allow investors to have their share in the rent each month, but then when time comes to sell they will receive a higher return as house prices would hopefully have increased in value.

By offering this service to the general public we will not only provide them with the possibility to greatly fund their future, we will also be helping them to be able to buy a house quicker or provide more financial stability so they can get on with their lives.

We also do all the work for the investors, we manage the renovations and the renting, all the investors need to do is sit back and let their investment do the work for them. The investors names are put into an SPV company and they all have equal rights.

What the money's for

The money we raise will be put towards creating a business which we feel could potentially be huge. Neither of us want to go to university and so developing this idea is crucial to how our futures will turn out. With the money we raise, we will hire a website developer and subsequently develop a website, due to the nature of the website and the complex functions and capabilities required we have to have it handwritten.

We will also develop advertising for the business and hire some freelancers to help us develop the business itself. We both come from Bristol and have a passion for property and whilst we are still relatively young we believe that with the help of our parents and experts respectively we can turn this into a fantastically successful business. We already have a website developer willing to take on the job and he believes in the success of the business so much that he has given us a reduced rate and an extended payment deadline.

We have set a target for £1000, this will mainly go towards the website and a small amount going towards advertising. The majority of the money, however, will go towards the total cost of the property we would like to buy. The money you invest today will be invested into the property and you will be a shareholder of the property. Once the property has been renovated and sold we will give you back your initial investment plus your share of the profits.

*Your Capital Is At Risk, However, We Have The Upmost Confidence Your Capital Will Be Returned