Project Pregnancy Discrimination

Help me fight my case against unfair dismissal and pregnancy discrimination and get justice for pregnant women in the work place.

On the 11th August I was unfairly dismissed from a job I had spent three years at uni working hard to achieve, after only two weeks of telling my employer I was pregnant.

After working extremely hard at university with a family and 11 year old to look after, I managed to achieve a first class honours degree in Public Relations. My employment began shortly after in a marketing agency and I was thrilled.

Only a matter of weeks into my new job I found out I was pregnant. I was still in my probation period and nervous about the possibilities of miscarriage so I waited until my 13 week scan to tell my employer. She was surprisingly lovely about it and I was relieved. Three days later things began to change. All of a sudden I was told that my performance wasn't up to scratch and a list of problems began to emerge which had never been discussed before. I was given a week to turn things around. I was distraught. Despite feeling completely worthless I managed to stay positive.

The week following the revelation I went above and beyond to make sure I was performing well enough to keep my job but it simply wasn't enough. 

Less then two weeks after telling my employer I was pregnant I was dismissed without any disciplinary procedure and forced to leave on the spot. I was humiliated and 14 weeks pregnant with no job.

I have set up this platform as my employer have refused to acknowledge my grievances, refused my appeal, refused to conciliate and left me no choice but to take them to an employment tribunal for justice.

In 2016 around 54,000 women a year are forced out of their jobs due to pregnancy. This doesn't include the women who are demoted, harassed, aren't put forward for promotion, or those that are self employed. (Pregnant then Less then 1% of these women have the resources and emotional stability to take their employers to a tribunal.

Like most of these women, my family and I are now struggling financially with the loss of my full time salaried wage, and, like many women in my situation I may have no choice but to let the discrimination go, this platform is my last hope to raise the funds to take them to a tribunal and get the justice myself and my family deserve. I refuse to let my employer win and become another pregnancy discrimination lost statistic.

We need to stand up and fight for this cause to end it.

If you can help in any way it will be so greatly appreciated.