Bringing fun and fitness together as one big fitness family. I need money to add to my savings to create my dream.

Bringing fun and fitness together as one big fitness family.

I am trying to raise this money to buy and then renovate a pub that is currently for sale.

I have worked within Fitness for years and know that the most important thing is community and bringing community together.

I want to create a gym that not only has fitness classes but event nights, tea dances and parties to celebrate members birthdays.

It will be so much more than a gym, it will be the start of a fitness family.

Many older people in the community cannot join the local gym for many reasons, it's not on the direct bus route, or they don't have the confidence to join a gym full of youngsters posing in the mirrors! (Come on, we've all seen them taking their selfies)

I would like to get a mini bus to collect the older community and bring them to us.

They can do their classes and then come into the cafe for free tea and toast before the bus drops them back again.

I am in this for the long haul, to change people's lives and create our fitness family.

I have lots of participants wanting more out of their classes, if I could get them the venue they deserve then I will be so happy.

With three studios for the cardio classes, mind and body classes and spin to take place in, plus the spa area it will be such a treat for the members to come to.

I believe in retention and looking after loyal members rather than a lot of corporate clubs that are just interested in new sales.

I need someone to invest in me to make this dream turn into a reality, I know that with my determination and passion it could transform so many lives.

Please help me make my dream come true.