To provide a simplistic and revolutionary approach to the way you purchase a car, ensuring you don't get stung with the unexpected costs.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful is an Online platform that aims to prodivde a simplistic and revolutionary approach to purchasing a New or Used car.

By taking into account the total assosiated running costs of any vehicle - such as annual petrol expenditure and insurance costs- it gives the consumer a total cost figure of how much purchasing that car is actually going to cost.  A simple search bar allows the user to set their parameters for how much they are willing to spend on a monthly basis, and gives a list of cars suitable to their price range. 

In addition to this, it gives dealerships across the country an opportunity to list their cars directly on the website. So when a customer clicks on the chosen car, they are directed to a list of sellers with an intent to purchase/enquire.

The target market is both male and female, aged 17-60+ that will be looking for a more convenient and simplistic method to purchasing a car. Its a simple solution to the age old problem of deciding where to start looking! 

We beleive this website will act as a great tool for individuals of all ages who are looking to purchase a new or used car, by listing all affordable options in one drop down list.

With an personal experience of purchasing a car that was far to expensive to run - realising this months after pruchase-  I beleive this system will be a great solution to this problem and give more clarity on costs assosiated.

To kick start my business, I need to raise £5,000 of start up funds, to build the website, including the detailed algorithms and code.  I have family support if needed and therefore my target is to raise £5,000 through Crowdfunder.