Prep-iT Meals limited

A service that provides Healthy, Home-made meals preps for your day 2 day.

The aim of Prep-It is to provide nutritious, authentic, and rich in flavour cooked meals for people with an active lifestyle, physically and mentally.

With an experianced passionate chef provides the customers with delicious food with the right flavour and nutrition. The target audience ranges from gym lovers to city workers with overloaded schedules, and for people who are aiming to manage their weight. Prep-iT will provide meals to cater to all these requirements.

The main selling points of the Prep-iT meals are

*Restaurant quality food, nutritionally balanced, delivered.

*Home cooked, with handpicked ingredients, made with love and passion.

*Menu changed regularly so food is exciting. 

Further benefits of Prep-iT is its convenience, once you have chosen your meals we will deliver straight to your doorstep, our services will save time and money for our customers.

Prep-iT already has an exclusive arrangement with the PureGym branch in Edgware, London. We promote to all 3500+ gym members in this branch and our meals will be promoted on to PureGym websites and Instagram account. The vision with this deal is to expand our to further Pure Gym branches and other major fitness clubs. PureGym is the biggest 24 hour gym brand in the world.