Premium Phone Pack

Renew the way you look at protecting your shiny new mobile.

Lets face it,

  • Phones aren't going anywhere.
  • Phones will always break.
  • Insurance is expensive.
  • Cheap isn't always best.

Here at Premium Phone Packs we are looking to change the way you protect your phone, while delivering the best value.

On the market there are currently 2 company's producing bundle packs and at a poor quality. All we want to do is offer you a customizable process where all your needs are catered for. 

Where will our money go?

The funds raised through here will go too 3 areas. Packaging, website and stock variations. These 3 areas will be able to prepell our company to the top of your wishlist every 2 years when you get your new phone upgarde.

Although we would love too come and check out our cool new stuff in that time, but never coming back having too buy a replacement for poor goods.

About me 

Have you ever been at work, looked at something and thought "i could do a better job". The company that makes it is worth millions, and you once manager too make a IKEA wardrobe once? Yeah, that's me, dealing day in, day out with the upset face and frustrated customers that have a massive crack down there screen from no or poor protection. 

I just want too solve that.