Practical Natural Market Garden

Practical Natural Market Garden

Create a scalable, low input/high output market garden, based on the support of local volunteers for the aid of food shelters.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Create a small, scalable, low input/high output market garden, based on the support of local volunteers for the aid of food shelters and or profitable enterprise.

Making use of gardening techniques such as vertical growing, no till, companion planting while prolonging the growing season with cold frames, poly tunnells and greenhouses. 

The purpose of this crowd funding page is to generate interest for volunteers and investors who are intrigued by such a project and would like to contribute their ideas time and resources towards food security in local communities. 

I have been a gardener for 4 years and have wanted to become involved in a charitable concept regarding plants and people since I was at college. I have noticed a rise in food prices, a reduction in volume and quality, the manifesting of food shelters in the south of England, abnormal global weather and political uncertainty becoming a determining factor in how we may discuss food in the future. I am interested to see whether I can prompt a response and build a shared dream of bringing back the emphasis of good food, the value we place on the health benefits that results in balanced diets and shared surplus in the community. 

I have been lucky enough to receive a sizeable amount of land in the back of a residence in Oakdale, Poole Dorset. The garden is roughly 35 foot long 25 feet wide. It has been used as a dumping ground for organic matter, the soil is fertile and no pesticides or chemicals have been used for the production or maintenance of the garden. The garden has an office/garage on the land. There is a possibility the neighbouring garden could be used, expansion may also be possible once we have a proven scalable concept. 

I would like to turn a small amount of land into a productive scalable market garden, and spread the idea to neighbouring communities with the help of neighbouring communities.

Ideally we need the people with the following skills. 

Maintenance Volunteers - People interested and willing to learn and manage crops

Hardlandscapers or building specialists able to make polytunnells or greenhouses , concrete bases and irrigation

Garden Planner/s - Able to design and adjust sowing and harvesting dates

Delivery drivers - To deliver goods to local food shelters

Marketing - Market the concept and spread the interest

The garden is currently being landscaped by myself, and is in its bare bones form. A perfect time to start a new project.  I have bought seeds and have been building planter, I would use a certain amount of funding for a bee hive and to build a poly tunnell . 

Ideally help from skilled and qualified, volunteers and people willing to spread the word.