Aim: To raise enough funds to pay actors for their performance time for Manchester Shakespeare Company’s ‘Will and Anne’ by John Topliff.

 Without Poundsfunder working for 'Funds for Fees'. We won't be able to offer actors fees for the good work they do with Manchester Shakespeare Company. 

Manchester has a talent pool of excellent actors waiting for good work. Reality TV means there are professional actors not practising their skills.  

We've always supported experimemtal work: poetry, film comedy THEATRE and music at the developmental theatre. But funds are small as is the theatre which premieres local work.

It's a community theatre with a commercial attitude to help artists move on. Build their CV. Credits for Spotlight. Without proefssional work involving them sending an invoice and being paid, they are unable to promote themselves. 

Without this 'fundraising project'. Artists will remain static and frustrated. Their University degree is as valuable as anyone elses as is the hardwork and long hours they do.

It will be devastating if we cannot continue working with them. Thank you. Below we explain what we do and how the Poundsfunder Movement works. It's a win-win-win!!!

Manchester Shakespeare Company adapts William Shakespeare Classics as seen in the video. 

It is their intention to bring Shakespeare back to its grassroots. It also focuses on entertainment value, presentation and excellent content. 

It has adapted a number of Shakespeare classics to date with success. Audience feedback has been 80% satisfactory. 'Really entertaining – so glad I came to see it'. 'As well as providing us with a good evening’s entertainment, this event has introduced us to the Manchester Shakespeare Company'. 'Very well done and enjoyable, great performance, good energy'.

The position MSC wanted to be in before it tours its productions. MSC is based on the experiences and skills of its directors. It's a tried and tested format.

This year, Will and Anne by John Topliff, MSC inhouse writer, wants to deliver a modern take on the famous couple. 

'Will and Anne' is the story of a showbiz marriage. Shakespeare is born in 1964. How would he and Anne have faired in the modern world of showbusiness?

Below are the details of Poundsfunder Manchester Movement. A NEW fund raising format to raise 'funds for fees'. Thank you!

This performance is the pilot performance for our Poundsfunder Movement Manchester. Before we describe the concept, we’d like to say anyone in the theatre or film world are welcome to use this concept.

What is this Poundsfunder?

It is a new format to help playwrights raise cash to support their production.

  1. a) If the community pledges £1 into the crowdfunder all you need to do is work out how many people you have to contact including those involved in the production: be it stage manager, director, actor, supporters and so forth. If they and their own audience put £1 in, then eventually, there’ll be enough money in the pot to pay for at least performance fees.
  2. b) If a member of the audience puts in their £1; the audience means actor, writer, stage manager, whatever then it’s only fair they call on you when their production needs funds and the same format continues.
  3. c) Is it making sense?
  4. d) What it aims to do is generate cash for fees and at the same time any one member of the audience if they support 15 plays in one year, they’ve only spent £15.

It’s affordable for everyone. Auditorium audience too! 

It can raise much needed funds for fees. You still need to keep it realistic. If actors and any other practitioner are being paid, then everyone else should be. The production team can be paid with ticket sales as well as costs for the venue and hospitality staff.

It is a cooperative idea so a friendly contract will need to be produced for all concerned involved in the production.

The idea had to be born to compensate for the ever growing lack of public funds.

If you agree with this format, then please:


If you intend coming to see the production:

You can also Pledge £8 which is your discounted ticket for supporting the Poundsfunder concept. On the door, you will pay £10.

Can we have a go at making the Poundsfunder Movement work for funds for fees?

Contact for more details.

3MT is independent of this idea.

There are two actors in this performance. Their fees will be in the region of £500. Any shortfall will be made up from door sales. So you coming to the performance is important for this movement to succeed. Thank you! 

 An alternative way to buy your ticket and support the movement for less than you'd pay on the door