Raising funds for a new steam cleaner a new van and a depo please help it will be spent wisely your sincerly PAUL

Project aim

Raising funds for a new steam cleaner van decals and a nice local depo to run my business from

About the project

I set up Pmc pressure steam cleaning services back in 2012 due to the need for it in my eyes  and i managed to work my way up to goverment level contract surface  cleaning of properties in merseyside areas but the goverment stopped the funding and getting work in in the private sector was really tough so i expanded my services to removals and man and van home help and i havnt had a day off since.Im going totaly by the book and have a million overheads to pay for but i feel the town really need a service like mine and im now looking for funding to help me take my idea to the next level.I need a new pressure washer steam cleaner a new 100 litre wet vac a brand new van with decal and a depo costing 6k a year for storage distribution and workshop so i can take people on then as work is really picking up and im getting to the point were i need to employ people asap and i just dont have the funding