Making ideas happen

From small-scale local initiatives to charitable projects, business start-ups or new product launches, Crowdfunder projects range hugely in character and scale, and our partners have played a huge part in making great ideas happen. 

What all successful projects have in common is that Crowdfunder has given the project owner the platform, tools, skills and guidance needed to harness community support and reach their target.  

Crowdfunder works with public and private sector partners such as councils, funding bodies, brands and universities. Our partners are looking to make the maximum impact possible with the money they have available. The breadth and depth of our expertise and the technology we have developed helps our partners achieve their goal.  

What are the benefits for partners of working with Crowdfunder?

 Working with Crowdfunder helps you: 

     • Find the right projects to support.

     • Make your money go much further.

     • Reduce the cost of distributing funds. 

     • Improve the success rate of projects raising their funds.

     • Maximise publicity and public engagement. 

How does Crowdfunder help partners find the right projects to support? 

It’s a two-way street. We help projects find out about extra funding and we help funders find out about projects that fit their criteria.

At any given time we are involved in tens of thousands of crowdfunding projects. It’s likely that some of them will match your funding criteria and we can connect you with them.

Over the years we have also developed an invaluable network that we can use to find even more projects. Validation is key here – through our digital platform you’ll be able to see how much support a project has already gathered.

This helps you enormously in your decision-making process.  Our offering to partners includes a dedicated digital platform, which promotes your funds to projects that may meet your criteria.

How does Crowdfunder help partners’ money go further? 

First of all, any project you back is being supported by ‘the Crowd’, so your money is already being amplified. 

Then your involvement with a project increases the likelihood of it catching the eye of  more partners. A good way to illustrate this is through the examples of Plymouth City Council and a project called Sole of Discretion. 

 The council had £60,000 to distribute to community projects that were already raising funds and that met their criteria. That initial fund led to other funding partners – an energy company and a university – contributing £40,000 and £30,000 respectively. Thanks to a pioneering campaign Crowdfunder ran with the council to engage the public, that £130,000 was soon amplified to a total of £434,593. 

This was distributed to 100 projects throughout the city. Sole of Discretion is the brainchild of restaurateur Caroline Bennett, who wanted to give sustainable fishermen a fair price for their catch and get the fish direct to environmentally aware customers. Within two days of the project being launched it was nearly a quarter of the way towards its initial £10,000 target. 

A week later, Plymouth City Council agreed to match fund £50% of the total. With crowd contributions still pouring in, Sole of Discretion then received a massive boost when RBS Social and Community Capital weighed in with £130,000 of match funding.

How does Crowdfunder reduce the cost of distributing funds?

 By working with Crowdfunder, partners streamline their grant application and administration process. The technology we have developed means that much of the process is automated and scalable, and partners tell us this is one of the many benefits of working with us. 

“Using Crowdfunder to distribute funding has really streamlined the administration that is normally involved in running a grant process. For us it is a way of publicly validating projects alongside Councillor made decisions,” said Hannah Sloggett, Neighbourhood Planning Manager, Plymouth City Council

How does Crowdfunder improve the success rate of projects raising their funds?

 Crowdfunder helps projects reach their funding targets in a number of ways:

     • The digital platform we give project owners helps them recruit supporters.

     • The project page makes it easy for people to find out about a project’s vision, pledge their support and spread the word.

     • Our expanding community of projects, supporters and partners facilitates connections.

     • We offer expert guidance and coaching to project owners to help them hit their target.

How does Crowdfunder help funders maximise publicity and engagement?

 From launch to updates to success, we tell each project’s story on our website and through blogs, social media and other channels. These stories will often grab the attention of local and national press and every one of the press articles published will highlight your involvement. 

Besides newsworthy case studies, Crowdfunder can also provide you with social impact reporting, analytics and insight, demonstrating how projects you’ve funded have made a difference in community involvement, skill development and job creation. 

Crowdfunder projects are driven from the bottom up rather than the top down. As they are the initiative of local people, projects are by their very nature of interest to local communities. This means they have a great start in building public awareness and engagement. News stories and word of mouth spread the message and of course the projects can and do go viral. The ‘Crowd’ doesn’t just fund projects it promotes them too.