Pls, pls help me save my Assistance Dog!!

Pls, pls help me save my Assistance Dog!!


Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 4th Dec 2016 our project closed

My name is Tara Hofmeister (formerly Gladden),  I suffer from a form of Heart disease.

(Ventricular Tachycardia Arythmia), which causes my heart to stop and very often leads me to passing out.

As a single woman, this can be very scary and often prevents me from going out.

I have lived in Dubai for the past 20yrs, where I trained, rescued and rehabilitated many animals.

In 2015,  I managed to rescue a 3yr old  American Bulldog,  who I named "Ebo",   (the big handsome boy on my right in the photo).

 "Ebo" had come from a horrific background and had been severely abused by his former owners.

  But despite all he had been through,  amazingly he still had trust in people.  

 I  trained "Ebo" to become my Assistance dog and from that then on he became my "wing man" and never left my side. 

"Ebo"  gave me my confidence back and I gave him the love he deserved!

In 2016,  after enduring many years of abuse  (including a broken nose and wrist!),  from my estranged husband, he forced me to leave Dubai with nothing!!    (tragically,  in that  part of the world,  I am one of many women, this has happened to).

I had to leave Dubai after 20yrs, with nothing,  no money, no belongings and worest of all leaving behind my beloved "Ebo"!

I came back to England in March 2016 with no money and no where to live!    

Thankfully the Council have provided me with  accommodation  and I am slowly getting back on my feet but I desperately need my "Ebo"!!   But I have no means to pay for his relocation.

"Ebo" is currently staying  at a very overcrowded  Animal Rescue Centre in Dubai but they cannot keep him any longer.  And if I cannot take him back, he will have to be put to sleep!

I thank you for taking the time to read my story and I beg you to please help me, be reunited with my "best friend"  every little will help!

If my dream comes true,  and we are reunited,  I will film our "reunion" and post it online.

(And when the time is right, I plan to expose to the world not only the abuse of  animals but women in that part of the world! As I have witnessed it all first hand!)

I need 10.000 GBP to relocate "Ebo" and to send over my personal belongings, so I can start my life again, 

Thank you and God bless,   Tara xx