Please help fund my masters in education!

I have the opportunity to get my teaching qualifications next year on a PGDE which is 2/3 of a Masters. To top up to a Masters I need help!

 I am currently in my third year on an undergraduate dance degree at Ljmu, and I have the opportunity to progress onto a PGDE course this September to gain my teaching qualification. My dream is to teach dance at A-level as I am very interested in anatomy and nutrition and I want to train healthier, stronger dancers. This course is 2/3 of the credits of a Masters Degree. In order to gain a full Masters I need £2000 to fund a top up dissertation. This Master's will hopefully make me stand out since A-level teaching jobs are more competitive than say primary or secondary. 

Note my pgde is funded through student loans however my top up dissertation to up it to a Masters level is not funded.

Even if 2000 people donated £1 I'd be able to complete my dream, thank you!

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