Find your crowd

One of the most important parts of your crowdfunding campaign is knowing your network – and that of your team (you can learn more about building your team here).

Imagine how many people you all know between you!

These could be your close family and friends, the people that you work with, right though to your business contacts and local community.

The sweet–spot is knowing and understanding who they are.


The best way to start is sit down with your team and draw a map of your network.

This will give you a fuller picture of what your crowd looks like and highlight any gaps.

We suggest spending some time to write it all down, the example network map below can help.

With your team, brainstorm and list the groups/segments of people and organisations who may be interested in supporting your project.

You should see the map as layers of an onion, start with the core of people who you know best and will definitely get behind you and work your way out to your wider network including businesses, high net worth individuals and partners.

It is really important to understand how big your team’s network is – doing this now will make everything a whole lot easier once you start getting your project out there.

The more people on the map, the more people you can target with news of your campaign and the more people who are likely to back your project.

Handy tip - You can even use this as a basis for your rewards - look at each segment and think about what rewards would encourage them to back your project.


If your network map is looking a little empty we strongly recommend you take some time to grow your crowd before taking on a project.

Tell as many people as you can that the project is coming, warm them up and get them on board with your great idea.

Ask them to tell their contacts, one advocate will help to convince another.

The network
Do the same with your social media, spread the word in any way you can.

Look to businesses and organisations in the same or a similar field and ask them to get involved, the chances are that their network is already extensive so it would be great to have them behind you.

Next learn how to build a great team for your crowdfunding project.