Build a team

No crowdfunder is an island - it’s important to share the load.

It can be a lot of work for one person to do alone so we recommend getting some people to help to support you in the build of your project.

The core team behind a great fundraising project is made up of 2–5 people, so think about who might be keen to help – even if it’s just lending a hand with a few key tasks.

Key roles

Try to enlist the help of people you know who have different skill sets; Bob at the cornershop might be a social media whizz or Jane next door might have a connection at the local press.

Having someone to cover each of the key roles will give you a huge advantage when it comes to running the campaign.

The five key roles every crowdfunding team needs are:

The Leader
The leader will keep everyone in check, making sure all elements of the crowdfunding plan are covered.

The Knowledge
This person knows your field inside out and can be on hand with any extra nuggets of information needed to get people behind the project.

The Networker
This social butterfly can be thrown into any social situation and come out with a new supporter or two.

The Marketeer
The Marketeer is responsible for raising your profile, getting word of the project out and into your crowd.

The Digital Superstar
A branch off of The Marketeer. Anything techy, be it emails, mobile advertising or social media, the digital superstar has got you covered.