Raising funds to create a business where the sole product is a t-shirt, but you buy a tee, we plant a tree. For every t-shirt sold we plant!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

800Million, 3 billion, 16  billion, estimates vary but the amount of trees cut down annually is staggering.

Deforestation is a multi pronged attack on the planet, 1 carbon sequestration, 2 oxygen production, 3 habitat loss.

The scale of the problem is enormous, you often hear stories of an area the size of Wales being lost every year from the Amazon basin, you hear the tales of Orang-Utans on the edge of extinction in Indonesia. We believe that part of the problem is the scale of the task at hand is discouraging grass roots efforts to combat the problem, IE the average person on the street feels that they cannot make a difference so they don't even try.

That's where we step in, everyone wears t-shirts, everyone probably has quite a number of them, so what would you say to adding just one more t-shirt to your collection, and in doing so you will be literally helping to save the planet. 

For every single t-shirt we sell we guarantee to plant a tree at one of several sites throughout the world, ideally we would have at least one site on every continent, but that is further along down the line.

Backing is could be the most selfless thing you do today, we ask a minimum contribution of £15 as that will be the RRP of our t-shirts, and every backer will receive a t-shirt.

We plan to use the money raised to

1, Acquire a suitable area of land to begin reforestation.

2, Design and launch our website.

3,  Build our brand, through a mixture of avenues including social media engagement, viral marketing we intend to become a globally recognised force  good.

Thankyou for looking at our page, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I will answer at my earliest convenience.

Hope I see you son in a brighter future.