Pink Panda Studios. Handmade and custom Jewellery.

Pink Panda Studios. Handmade and custom Jewellery.

Raising the last of the funds to expand our 100% custom Jewellery and gifts business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been crafting jewellery for many years however it was all fun and games selling at craft fairs for the odd penny in return.
I recently lost my job for not being flexible enough (which  needed to be, to be fair) due to my husband being in the military. So I made the scary decision to use my last paycheck   and take my Jewellery a little more seriously.
I already have the basic equipment and a semi interesting webpage (ok it is via Facebook and I have a small following already)

We have currently come into the stage of having an Etsy shop anddy have a few sales from there when we opened it on the 27th April Our Official Shop is here!

The stamps I use are very basic and not great quality which means they will need replacing very soon. I also only have the two types of font.  Having  high quality stamps mean they will last alot longer and I can receive them in many different fonts from cursive to child like writing. This would open many more possibilities to designs of work and a more interesting look.
This is just one of the stamps we would love to have in our collection as it would be amazing for gifts from children.

I am currently hand punching metal. Sometimes it works well. Sometimes I have to throw away the piece as the punch has scratched or marked the the project which is in turn causing me to loose profit and I have to start all over again (punching is the second to last thing to do on a piece of work) Being able to afford the right equipment to bore holes as little as 1mm will be a huge stress relieve and again give the work a high standard of finish.

I have already set up a Webpage. Ok it is only facebook  and the link is here.
I have also bought a starter of packaging and business cards. They too a basic, however the funding will also be put into this so I can have them professionally developed.
Above are just a couple of examples of the work and process of what I current do.
I mainly work with Jewellery Grade aluminium but I would love to expand to Sterling silver as well.
As we have limited resources our turn over time to create custom items is around 2 weeks as we have to buy in the supplies once an order is made. To quicken up the process we ideally would need to bulk buy from the suppliers. This is again where the funding will go.