Pilates for community well being.

Pilates for well being- flexibility from within.

Bringing Communities Together ( BCT) is a not for profit Social Enterprise, incorporated in 2010.

Our aim is to offer varied  educational opportunities to members of the local community.

After suffering a back injury in 2009 I went on through will and determination to rehabilate myself, at that time, I had two young children ,the youngest was only five.

On my journey to recovery I felt that positive encouragement for self- healing from some of the mainstream services wasn't forthcoming.

I decided on my journey to train as a Pilates instructor to be able to help people like myself to be determined in life and to believe , offering a place for positive inspiration to assist and support in the development of raised self -esteem and levels of confidence.

Pilates for well being has proven very popular and spans a broad section of society , catering for people from the opposite ends of the spectrum.

The benefits are enormous and if you ask those who participate they will tell you they feel and look different after attending on a regular basis.

To be able to cater for more people we need to upgrade our space and resources so we are equipped to offer a variety of approaches to cater for the diverse variety of people we work with.

Continuing to offer a better quality experience everytime people walk through the door.

We hope our project will inspire you.