Pickles Playgroup

Pickles Playgroup

To create a fun, engaging and stimulating environment for babies and pre school children in our local community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Having recently welcomed our second daughter to our family, I have explored local playgroups but couldn't fit anything that really fits the bill - a modern, fun and stimulating environment suitable for all preschoolers from birth to preschool age.

So after lots of research, I have found premises to start my own group - Pickles Playgroup.

This is a not for profit parent and toddler group which will benefit the local community, providing a relaxing space for parents as well as fun for their little ones!

I am asking for donations to help with developing our group, inparticular to buy good quality equipment for our little ones such as sensory items, craft items, and indoor play equipment.

Please help us if you can, our boys and girls are all very special and we want to give them the best start through supporting their parents and providing a fun space to play and develop those first crucial skills.