PhD Living Expenses for a Young African Woman

PhD Living Expenses for a Young African Woman

I am hoping to raise funds for my living expenses while doing my PhD in the University of Hull, in the United Kingdom, I am from Kenya.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 24th Oct 2016 our project closed

I am a young Kenyan woman, with a will to succeed. I have been trying to raise my living expenses for when I go to the UK in January to start on my PhD at the University of Hull. This PhD will mainly focus on the health of older migrants in developed a countries (an interesting study I must say). The living expenses costs in the UK are very different from Kenya.

I tried getting employee sponsorship but that seems not to be working. I have been involved in a couple of funding raising events like selling stories written by me and children's books and hand designed cards but that is yet to pick. This PhD will provide me with an opportunity to make a difference in Kenya, a country where women's education is beginning to be recognised. I am open to any donations from one dollar to the highest. It will go a long way in making my dreams come true!