Community Football Project for Children

When  I started University I was way too caught up in the excitement of actually going to University. The money pledged by the...

My project is designed to help children in the commuity. Football is a passion I've always had but have never been able to persue due to limited opportunities and various other factors. Nonetheless, this project isn't really about me, it's about creating opportunity for children in my community. Football is a popular sport for alot of children in Blackburn, there are facilities and pitches where they can play football, however, these venues are too expensive for the children to afford in order to book them, especially on a regular basis. Due to this alot of children are not able to play and end up at home or on the streets doing things as a second choice.

As a Teacher I want to  start a programme which is actively helping students with education by offering weekend tuition classes for boys and girls ona  large scale and the opportunity for them to get involved in an ongoing community football project which gives them a safe and vibrant environment to play and enjoy themselves. I believe projects like these are needed to help push children in a more practical environment. The funding I need is to secure a capital which would go towards renting 2-3 classroom and also a safe football pitch in order to carry out football fundays, coaching and various other football based projects for the community. We want to see the children succeed in education and in their social lives.