YouTube channel, Rent

YouTube channel, Rent

Housebound needs help with rent and chasing his dream

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I'm Paulliee TV and i sadly have to ask for help, ever since i was a child aged 4 years old i have always dreamed to be in the gaming industry and now 25 years later i have slowly progressed towards that goal of mine and have worked with some amazing developers and publishers in the industry

But sadly this dream might have to be cut short soon due to Anxiety and Agoraphobia which i have suffered for now for years i live a limited lifestyle with a very limited income even though this is the case i upload 3 videos a day on my YouTube channel for my fans daily

But because of unpaid rent that i can't afford i might have to say goodbye to this dream and sell my professional PC and equipment i use to record

If i can achieve this goal money set i can pay the rent i owe and carry on with my channel and gaming industry adventure and then hopefully go into streaming aswell!

But i sadly need your help and i wouldn't ask if i wasn't desperate, My only real hobbie and passion is making videos and the gaming industry and because of my Agoraphobia i do not leave my house so the thought of having to ditch my hobbie and childhood love of gaming is upsetting


Paulliee TV