The aim of Paint Easton is to raise funds to provide practical solutions for Easton. A lick of paint can change, everything. #painteaston

The principal aim of Paint Easton is to raise funds and provide practical solutions for Easton.

All too often funding and social projects are provided at a level way beyond grass roots, this means local needs are ignored and or solutions are prohibitively complicated or expensive.

Sometimes an area can be transformed with something as simple as a lick of paint..

Our first project is:

a) white wash the back of the building that was once the Eastville Hippodrome.
You can see we've made  progress already, a bit more work is still needed, so far this has all been achieved with the good will of our local community!

b) Using SilentHobo the artist that created this…

Paint a beautiful mural on the back of Parkway carpets or the old Bristol Hippodrome.

Proposed mural below..

This is just the beginning it would be great if we could use any money to paint rough walls, perhaps even render them, help with shop fronts and improve our area bit by bit with art and practically. It would be great if this became a movemoment and much bigger than just Easton.

The mural is a statement, it says we care it will be appreciated by everyone that passes by and will be transformative.


  • Collecteco want to donate some paint this is fantastic, thank you...
  • A bit of volunteer painting last weekend, one more coat to go..

  • Made some mugs to spread the word and generate some support locally..