Oxford Apothecary - All natural handmade products

Oxford Apothecary - All natural handmade products

To create a full range of products, using all natural ingredients for you and your home. Getting back in touch with the history of herbalism

We did it!

On 3rd May 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 4 supporters in 35 days


I am fundraisng to launch my range of natural herbal remedies and products, so that I can share these incredibly beneficial products with the world.

Herbalism and apothecaries have been around for millenia, but in recent centuries have been replaced by modern chemists and pharmacists.  While this has of course been beneficial, I totally believe in the power of nature, and there is a definite resurgence in the holisitic and natural therapies available today.  I want to be able to show people that natural products are not just for the "hippies" but can have huge positive impacts on their lives.  The majority of my products will include aromatherapy blends, however some will also just be natural based products, and will never include chemicals or artificial preservatives.

I would also like to be able to offer classes to teach the basic principles of Aromatherapy, Herbalism and Natural Therapies empowering people with their own knowledge, and enriching their own lives and those of their loved ones with the positivity of meditation and healing.  My aim is to take my products and massage services into local hospitals, hospices and nursing homes too, offering an alternative therapy, and just some plain old pampering and relaxation to people who may be suffering from a wide range of medical or emotional conditions.

Another cause that is very close to my heart is the treatment of recurrent miscarriage, and unexplained fertility.  Any monies raised over my target will be donated to the Silver Star Unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, without whom my two beautiful daughters would not be here today.  They offer special care services to mothers who are suffering from pregnancy complications.  This groundbreaking research is funded mainly by donations and benefactors, without these donations their work would not be able to continue.  Their website is www.silverstaroxford.org so please, even if you feel that my project is not for you, maybe you could take a look at their website and make a donation.  I know it would all be greatly appreciated.


I have suffered from a chronic pain condition since I was 14 years old which went undiagnosed for nearly 19 years, during that time I was prescribed almost every pain management drug known to man, with little effect.  As you can imagine this, at times, had a huge negative impact on my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Then a friend introduced me to aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation. Yes, I was skeptical. How could a plant help me when nothing else had? How was having a massage going to relax me?  But, it did! I began my diploma in Advanced Aromatherapy, and soon realised that nature is amazing! For almost everything I could imagine, there was something that occured in nature, that could help.  I began to relentlessly research historical recipes, and modern day applications, and the obsession began.  I have now formulated a large number of my own recipes that I cannot wait to share. 


This crowdfunding will allow me to buy everything that I need to make my products and take them to market.  The ingredients, equipment, packaging and marketing. For each product I also need to achieve certification for the safety of the product, and these funds will pay for those tests.  I will also use these funds to set up a website, and buy the old style apothecary cart that I will use when taking my products to events.

My products are going to have a very vintage, old stying to them. and be presented in natural materials, whilst using vegetable inks for my printing.

As I said previously, even if you do not feel my project is for you, then sharing this fundraising page could also help me immensely.


*I have taken diplomas in hand made natural products, and advanced aromatherapy. 

*I have already formulated many of the recipes that I intend to use.

*I have secured the required website domains

*I have designed all the logos, and marketing material

*I have been making sample products and having my exisiting clients complete feedback forms so that I can make changes where/if rquired

My first hand knowledge of the positive impact, and my genuine passion for the products will help me to reach out to people, to share these with them


I have done exhaustive research into all aspects of getting my products to market.

Product testing - £75- £120 per test

Raw ingredient purchases - £3000

Equipment purchase - £1000

Packaging purchases - £2000

Marketing and office set up cost - £1000 (including all HSE)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read all about my project, and for any help that you may have pledged in my endeavour, whether by way of donation, or by sharing my project. Thank you!

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