Our Energy - The People's Energy Company

The People's Energy Company will be built by you, for you. Gas & Electricity at a fair price, with profits back to the customers.


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is a domestic, UK-wide, Electricity and Gas supplier that is owned by the people, for the people. We aim to launch in Spring 2017.

Unlike the existing Big Six Energy providers, we will be transparent, give you ownership and give back the profits to you.

Ofgem state that 43% of customer don't trust their supplier to act fairly.  We want to change this.

No more complicated tariffs. No more soulless call centres. No more energy rip-offs.

Simple.  Straight forward.

How will we do this?

Here is a bit more information about how we are going to help energy consumers feel better looked after:

  • Every year, 75% ofprofits will be given back to our customers in the form of an annual rebate.
  • Each customer will have voting rights on the direction of - so we are always customer focused.
  • Asgrows, we will transfer 100% of shares back to our customers - not to fat cats, not to pension funds, to you.
  • We will share with you the inner workings of, from our salaries to the prices we pay for energy.
  • We will offer a Green tariff and over time will look to develop relationships with local green energy providers.

Our Team

We have an experienced leadership team so far.  Between us we have led multi million pound businesses and ambitious start ups.  Our combined talents have seen us mentoring over a thousand business leaders and providing consulting support to the energy industry.  In addition, we employ the services of a group of highly experienced energy experts, with expertise  in critical areas such as hedging strategies, IT infrastructure, systems security and energy procurement.

Here we are....

The Chairman - Peter Lederer CBE - Peter is our Chairman and keeps us all focused on what we are about.  He brings a wealth of business experience from his time as Chair of Gleneagles Hotels Ltd, his directorship of Diageo Scotland and his role as Vice Chair of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  He has a distinct passion for outstanding customer service.

The Senior Advisor - John Wright - John is a Senior Advisor to the Board. His role is to keep us commercially grounded.  He brings a wealth of experience from his time as CEO of Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banks.  He is renowned for his focus on putting people before profit.

What's in it for you?

You will be helping to create the largest energy community project in the UK.  This will give you many benefits, including:

  • Fair, simple tariffs
  • Green tariff option
  • A transparent energy provider where you can see what we spend money on
  • Easy to deal with customer services
  • Ownership of the company

With money back on what you pay and a say in the direction of the company, there will be no need to switch ever again for the best deal.

How will your pledge help us?

One of the reasons the Big Six don't have many competitors and can continue to dominate the market is the high entry costs for a new starter. We need a further £450,000 to be able to start supplying you with energy at launch and ensure we are resilient for the future. 

We will use you pledge primarily to:

  • Invest in a quality reliable IT system
  • Buy the licences required from Ofgem
  • Recruit more awesome staff

We don't believe in taking and not giving back, and we commit to giving you back the pledge equivalent in free energy.  We will be transparent about how we use your pledge so you can see our progress.

We want to tell you more....

We want you to feel you can trustand as such we will be totally transparent with you.  Here are some questions which you may have about us:

  • Why don't you just lower the prices? The latest events in the energy market (with the demise of GB Energy) shows that a business model built on a promise of the lowest cost, whatever it takes, is not necessarily a sustainable model.  We are operating a ‘cost plus’ model where we set our prices against the wholesale price and then add costs. We don’t base the price on what the competition does.  Once we get to the end of each year we will know our exact costs and then give back the profit to the customers in an annual rebate. Fair, simple and transparent.

  • Are you green?

    Yes, we offer a green option – our two tariffs are ‘Lean’ and ‘Green’. ‘Green’ offers a fully renewable package. We want to give you, the customer, a real choice and an option to use renewable energy.

    Over time, we want to hear what matters most to you. Do you want the cheaper prices? Or do you want more renewables? This will determine where we go from here. You have influence on the direction of the company – you decide!
    We will also be donating money towards renewable green energy projects.  We hope to build relationships with small local green energy providers over time - securing good deals for both our customers but also the green energy providers.

  • Why should we believe that you will succeed? Why has no one else done it before? It’s certainly true we aren’t the first well intentioned energy company in the UK. Perhaps what sets us apart is that we’re realistic about our future.
    Firstly, we aren’t making wild promises. Coupling our profits-back scheme with competitive, fairly priced energy tariffs has given us a secure, sustainable business model. Secondly, we are funding our launch through Crowdfunder rather than seeking out investors. It’s easy to start off as an ethical supplier and get tugged off course by the pressure of providing your investor shareholders with the returns they expect. Crowdsourcing this kind of capital is a challenge, which is why we need your help, but we simply aren’t willing to let OurEnergy be in the hands of profit hungry investors.

Please pledge now and help turn on

*Please note that the pledges of free energy are based upon a cap of the average available annual variable tariff per Ofgem for 2016 and average UK lifespan as at December 2016.  The free energy will be applied to your monthly bill once we have reached 20,000 live customers.  You must remain a customer for the whole period of receiving the free energy.