Our flat was on fire Thursday/September/2016

Our flat in Wallington, SM6 8QP was on fire this Thursday at 9:20 pm, me my wife and our 7 years old son have nowere to live and no clothes

Hi, my name is Ion, wife Laura and 7 years old son Justin and we need help.
Our rented flat located in Wallington was on fire Thursday/8sept/2016 at 21:20.


Fire brigade reference no 121756.
Because of the fire/smoke we are unable to retrive our belongings and have nowhere to live and no money to rent a flat.

The fire started because of the electricity panel. You can read a short report as well at fire drigade website.
Our main target is to find a place to live temporary until we will be able to rent a new flat close to our son school.

Sutton Guardian link: http://m.suttonguardian.co.uk/news/14733346.Two_people_escape_flat_fire_in_Wallington/

We will be very grateful for your help. Thank you so much.