Otley Primary School PV

Solar PV will enable the School to furthur reinforce its already strong ECO ethos, and reduce global warming.

We are raising funds for a complete solar PV system this will significantly lower our carbon footprint and provide hands on educational opportunities for the children.

At the school we see the solar PV project as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the schools environmental impact. The thriving Eco team are leading the school in improving the energy and water usage, reducing waste and encouraging our already extensive recycling activities. Outside, water butts have been installed, a compost heap has been created for food waste, and the children grow food in raised beds. The school has already achieved an Eco Schools bronze and silver award, and with further work on reducing energy usage, improving the outside space we hope to achieve our gold award this year. Other Eco School activities include OtleyGreen, joint projects include an Energy Saving Day that increased awareness in the community about the need for reduced reliance of carbon fuels and energy conservation. An 'edible hedge’ was planted as a wildlife food source in the Doctors’ Surgery grounds. The children maintain a pond, wild area, bug hotel and trees, and through the ECO Schools scheme are continually developing the grounds. An Eco awareness day involving the children and community included activities to raise understanding of the environment. The ECO team engage the local community in environmental activities such as Switch-Off Fortnight.