Organic Cosmetic Range :)

 An organic skincare, hair care and makeup line at truly affordable prices!

An organic skincare, hair care and makeup line at truly affordable prices!

Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to look at my project. 

I am a hard working girl who is passionate about health and wellbeing. Too many of us are flippant with the environment and not too concerned wtih the effects a lack of care can have on our world. 

As many of you know, cosmetics are heavily tested on animals and ingredients are often less than pure. There are a number of lovely organic cosmetic ranges available to us but for the everyday person on an ordinary wage it can be hard to justify the cost of such luxuries. 

I am passionate about providing affordable natural, organic beauty products. So I am creating an organic skincare, hair care and makeup line that is truly affordable without compromising on quality. 

I have located a supplier I trust, and have already made a lipgloss that has been very popular with my friends and family; it's light and moisturising and gives a lovely spring/summer sheen. But to sell my products I first need official reports and assessments.

I am looking for investment to support me in getting the reports and assessments needed for my range to comply with EU regulations and get my products onto shelves :)

I have already been approached by a beauty blogger as well as a beautician keen to use and stock my range, plus an online outlet to sell to the masses :) so it's all very exciting and go go go!!!!