Operation "Ban The ShinJury's" - SOFT BOXES

Operation "Ban The ShinJury's" - SOFT BOXES

Aiming to raise enough pennies to provide FFD Crossfit with soft plyo boxes.

£375 raised of £750 target 50 %
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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:04pm 18th May 2017


And it was in that moment ben realised .... he had made a  mistake...... 

Wouldn't It be great to have a full set of soft plyo boxes at FFD Crossfit ?  So many members shy away from box jumping and the honest Lyn associated training benefits  do out weigh the negatives of the occasional mishap on the wooden boxes. We understand that keeping your shins intact is a priority and so I have set up this funding page so that we can have some with a little help from everyone. 

Wether your a beginner box jumping for the first time, a member with a fear of the boxes or an athlete training advanced plyometrics these benefit us all. 

Lets all give a little for the bigger cause. 

Much Love, Coach McCoy