Buy yoga and fitness equipment and cosmetic decoration for new Wellbeing & Arts Centre in Cullompton, Devon.

New stretch target

With the extra money raised I can get some more furniture for chilling area, as well as studio mirrors and some improvements to the bathroom and kitchen area.

I'm Nicole, the creator of Leave your Egos at the door. The concept for a Wellbeing & Arts Centre in Cullompton, to create a non-judgmental, inclusive and supportive space, changing the world one person at a time from the inside out.

I'm teaching Yoga in Cullompton and I help people with aches and pains as well as helping them to feel like they're taking back control in their lives. I teach a simple, lighthearted approach to yoga. I encourage people to come to Yoga who don't think they're flexible enough to do yoga.  

I am currently renting a room in the community centre for a couple of hours a week, but I want to be able to offer a much better and bigger experience.

I'm looking for funding to buy some initial fitness and yoga equipment as well as some cosmetic decoration to create a really beautiful space. In return for any pledges I will be offering transformational afternoon and 1 day Yoga and mindset workshops. You'll not be making a donation, you will simply be pledging in return for an experience that will at the very least leave you feeling relaxed and accomplished, and at the best change your way of thinking an revolutionise the way you live your life!