One Woman Power Live  Roadshow.

One Women Power is a celebration of all female empowerment movement through the use of storytelling of adversity to triumph.

      A Global Celebration of Empowerment for Women is about to be begin. 

 One Women Power is a celebration of all female empowerment movement through the use of storytelling of adversity to triumph. Join me, this year where I will be joined my coaches, motivational speakers, singers, poets and much more for a live streamed event Wealth In Mind Live Streamed event which enables women from across the world to participate in speaking about issues that effect women such as Confidence, Self Love, Self Appreciation, Self Esteem, Self Worth. Self Doubt, Why the language we speak about ourselves effects us and others, How to Nurture, Nourish and use the Language of the Soul plus how to use the tools of Souls Compass and do we really listen to it? Mindsets and the way we are conditioned from our parental codes,  heditary cycles. Speaking about Law of Attraction in Action, Entitlement and why do some women feel entitled and some feel they don't and how we can put that right & so much more... This Global celebration has only just begun for women across the world. Excited?  You should be. Giving yourself permission to love you unconditionally is a must! I know I am about this empowerment movement with a difference. I am passionate to create the movement that brings and creates change lasting together.  I am beyond excited! 

One Woman Power is a place for all women across the world from all backgrounds, ages, different fields and types of the entrepreneurial spectrum to join in the celebration to network, to educate, motivate, collaborate, inspire.  When we work together and not against each other we are stronger. One Woman Power is for women who are already in business and for those who are think of starting a business. And for those who just want to be at a incredible event that resonates with the shero's that they see as role models of Female Empowermernt, Making sure we leave a legacy for young, to teach younger women to learn that loving yourself inside out is the most powerful tool that they will ever have, every young women needs to learn and to understand why loving herself essentially will lead her to the treasure her and everything else that comes with understanding that loving herself and respecting herself knowing that she is worthy and so worth it investing in herself ensuring she has healthy relationships of all kinds that benefit her for a lifetime of joy and happiness that we all deserve and so do our young women.  This live event is also for those who want to know more about the business world in all kinds of fields and start businesses of their very own which can be a lonely scary place to be.

Supporting all women experienced or not with loving themselves and putting themselves first whilst they obtain their goals, going for their dreams or expanding or running their business also a essential mirror that is also a women's business reflection that enables women to get clear on their goals, creating a blue print for life ensuring their future goals are a success, but also enables to create the stratagies that works with them and grows with them, their business for the best life they deserve that they don't need to run from. Giving themselves permission to actually live life, not just earn a living. Making sure that connecting the magic flame which helps to connect a women's passion's to her purpose to living on purpose. Being all she can be and more, ensuring she stays on fire for purpose, unstoppable in reaching her goals, leaves a healthy legacy from her contribution or being of service through her passionate spirit that she was born with and become the person every women was born to be. 

 By using these tools that are talked about at the Live Streamed Roadshow women can chose to live happier, healthier fuller lives and live life beyond extraordinary.