One Delivery Croydon

Hi  my name is Leo O'Maley.  I ask you to spend a penny or two to help a first time franchisee develop!

Hi  my name is Leo O'Maley.  

I am the Franchisee of One Delivery Croydon.

I need to raise funds for a float for my business in order to get the credit card option available.

This is essensial for expansion of my buisness in the sence of i need to bring in both cash and credit card orders in order to employ more staff and make the customer happier.

I currently only have the room for cash orders and am on the understanding that i am loosing upto 50% of orders by not having this option available.

What i am asking for is £1000 I have basically been running since november of 2015 and have had in that time in excess of £30,000 pounds worth of orders on avereage nearly 200 orders per month in the last few months. 

But what with wages advertising and running expences it soon goes.

What we do is very simple the customer orders through our website we goto that restauaunt purchase the goods and deliver it for a small fee and a small mark up simple.

You can find our website @ 

Anyway hope you like my webpage at least... we are also on Facebook type in "One Delivery Croydon".

We have over 500 customers and growing daily with allot of repeat orders.

Anyway any questions just ask.

Kindest hopeful regards.