On-site vet room

We are trying to set up a small on site vet room to treat our animals. This will lower our bills and increase the quality of care we provide

The Freshfields Vet Room Project - The VRP for VIPs!

We have a passion for animals, and we know you do too! We're always looking for ways to make the very best use of the funds so generously donated by our supporters. We owe that to you, as well as to the VIPs (Very Important Pets) who depend on us. Every day we change the lives of traumatised, abandoned and neglected animals who have often been cruelly abused. Our vet fees always exceed £110,000 per year and are increasing, due to the increase in our animals intake. This amount goes all on external vets and even with all the fantastic supporters we have, we can't continue to sustain it, which in turn impacts on the number of animals we can rescue.

With this in mind we've come up with a plan to help even more animals, and save money on our biggest expense by far - veterinary and medical bills. To do this, we're setting up a small vet surgery at our Liverpool Centre. We're converting 2 rooms in our main building into a space where our excellent veterinarians can carry out the most regularly performed procedures needed for our rescued animals, such as neutering, blood tests, dental work and other ongoing and routine health care. 

Once we're up and running, we'll be able to save thousands of pounds a year by lowering the costs of operations, medication and procedures that currently are provided almost exclusively by outside surgeries. We'll always need to use these for more complex procedures, but with the laboratory, theatre and recovery area, we'll be able to do much more on-site. The positive benefits to the animals will be immediate: their stress will be dramatically reduced by allowing them to recover in a familiar environment, supported by the comfort and reassuring presence of their carers. Our save rate will improve, as we plan to have attending vet staff at the project 7 days a week.

The building side of the project includes the conversion of two of our onsite rooms into vet facilities at the total cost of £15,000. The equipment will cost us another £25,000 and we are currently approaching various grant organisations, surgeries for second hand equipment and organisations that provide support to small charities like ours. Once finished, we estimate we will be able to save around £30,000 a year!

Please help us to take this next step. It's a great investment in our future, and in the future of our local community. Together we can make this happen!

You can donate via Card or PayPal here, or alternatively text VETS11, followed by £1, £3, £5 or £10 to 70070.

Thank you.