Olympus Media Group

Olympus Media Group

We have always had a dream to start up a company and now with your help we can!

They did it!

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 Hello all,

We are a company that is made up of 3 people, we want computer parts and computers to be available for everyone, so we would like to set up a company that does just that!

The Team:

The Team consists of 3 friends, Charlie, Matt and Zoe.

Charlie- Hi, I am Charlie and I am the boss of the company, I have always wanted to start up my own company and now that I have found CrowdFunder hopefully I can!

Matthew- I am co-founder of Olympus Media group and I do most of the graphic work!

Zoe- I help around here at Olympus doing whatever I can to help and get stuff done!


Olympus Media Group:

Olympus Media Group was founded by me(Charlie) on my birthday in 2015 and now, a year on my friends and I want to expand into computer buying and selling. Not only will we sell premade products but we will also build our own range of PC's. From home/ office pc's to Extreme Gaming Machines, and even work station PC's!


Currently Olympus Media Group is just a youtube channel but we think that we could get very far in this busniess and that is why we want the money.


I hope that you want to see us grow, if you do then please do donate money to us as we would really, really appreciate it!