Off-grid living and retreat

I'm Ben, I want to build an off-grid farm and retreat from scratch in the Kent countryside. Be self-sufficient & teach others how to live OG

Hi I'm Ben

I was brought up in a seaside town and went to the local comprehensive. As a teen I drank and went clubbing. I got a good job and started saving, paying bills. Following the path of every other 20 year old in Britain. 

My path changed rapidly! I met my now wife Fiona, we had two beautiful children, Jacob and Eibhlín. My eyes have been wide open since I met Fiona. The way I live eat and feel has changed. So much of what I thought was normal, now seems crazy. 

What we are led to believe and commit to is so distant from idilic. Simple living in misunderstood.

I have been fortunate to meet many varieties of people and personalities and this was never more so than very recently. I met a man who lives off-grid.

Since then my mind has exploded with ideas and opportunities. 

I am am now seeking crowdfunding to produce a self sustained off grid lifestyle with opportunities to build workshops and retreats to teach this way of life. To spread the word and show how the off-grid lifestyle is what we should all try and do.  Farming, foraging and family are at the heart of my plan. 

I plan to set up a off-grid home/farm to sustain my family of four and visitors/students in the heartland of Kent. I want to document the highs and lows of the project and see exactly what hurdles this presents. Ultimately I want to build a retreat in which I live off the land and the circle of life flows freely. 

The money raised will initially be used to buy land. Then invest in renuable energy and eco friendly alternatives to modern life. I will try and source as much as I can locally. Life stock, crops etc to start the project. Hopefully within time it will build and be a place where visitors can come, learn and relax, and believe in their own adventure. And see they can do it too!

Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Please contact me if you have any questions.