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We're growing a nourishing network in the wedding sector to enable wedding professionals and couples to live into their fullest potential.


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Whilst weddings can and should be joyful, we have discovered an increasing and disproportionate amount of associated stress and anxiety. Very little attention or resources are available that focus on the mental and emotional wellbeing of those working in or engaging with the wedding sector.

So we have decided to launch an organisation focused on just that and more.


1) Grow a nourishing network in which we hold supportive spaces for open, practical, inspiring and meaningful conversation.

2) Guide people into observing and letting go of any fear, self-doubt and/or need for approval that hold us all back from living and working to our fullest potential, reclaiming the time, energy, freedom, self-expression, peace of mind and connection with others they may be presently lacking. 

3) Be a voice for lasting, positive change, both in the industry and throughout society.


We ran focus groups for wedding professionals and couples and discovered that many of us are experiencing similar concerns and are lifted by similar hopes.


The wedding industry is full of positivity and romance; it’s what attracts many of us to it. But what makes us great at working in this profession can also make us vulnerable to overworking, with burnout a common feature. We operate in a highly pressured, isolating and at times stressful culture that can induce fear, peer pressure, anxiety and loneliness. Without an awareness of what's underlying this and a safe forum in which to freely communicate and share experiences, the mental and physical wellbeing of everyone involved can be impacted. We dedicate a lot of time and investment into building our social media and SEO but forget to look after our best asset - ourselves. We want to change that.


Unexpected conflict can arise within the most robust of relationships. Disruption is especially prevalent during change, external pressure, and life events such a moving in with each other or marriage.

For couples getting married, extravagant celebrity weddings and the expectation to plan the perfect wedding are at the forefront of media. Couples and more frequently brides, can become overwhelmed not only by family expectation, peer pressure, financial concern and pressure from within, but from endless choice and comparison. Without a deeper understanding of the mind and a safe forum in which to acknowledge and express thoughts and feelings, insecurity, worry, fear and one-upmanship can start to subconsciously build. Brides are at times critiqued for any perceived volatile behaviour that occurs as a result of this overwhelm, creating shame without addressing the underlying concerns.

This can mean that focus is placed more on the day itself than the reason for the day, overlooking the importance and strength of the relationship, affecting wellbeing post-wedding and impairing our perception of love in society. Whether individually or together as a couple, we want to offer support both through the planning stages of a wedding and the journey of married life.


We believe that creating safe spaces in which to honestly communicate and connect, offering resources that help to better understand the mind whilst fostering wellbeing, and raising awareness about the common challenges being faced by both couples and industry will strengthen relationships and lead to a healthier, conscious, and more compassionate culture.


Nourishing Network is founded by Nova Reid and Gemma Hopkins.

Nova discovered the magic of the wedding industry after planning her own wedding in 2012 which led to becoming founder and editor of multi-award-winning wedding blog; Nu Bride; dedicated to adding a splash of diversity into the UK mainstream wedding industry.  Nova is an established wedding expert, freelance writer for national wedding publications and frequent mentor at The Women of The World Festival.

In addition, Nova is a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Life Coach, and also has 8 years extensive experience working in mental health and notably with organisations such as MIND charity. Nova is passionate about promoting positive wellbeing and working with clients and organisations holistically to encourage and inspire change. Nova works with a variety of clients, who all share one thing in common; to elicit powerful change to enable them to live more fulfilling professional and personal lives. 

Gemma, founder of Design In Scent, has been involved in the wedding industry since 2012 working with couples on their day, but a parallel journey into the worlds of coaching, spirituality and cutting edge science led her to an entirely new space. She has seen the transformative impact on other's lives - from CEOs to prisoners - and her own, of deeply realising that we are the creators of our experience of life, only we journey through our lives conditioned to believe that we're not. We can re-learn how to connect our heart and mind, discovering peace and power for ourselves and for those around us as we begin to create the life we truly want to be living.

Gemma is now in the process of launching These Vibes, an ambitious project designed to radically shift perception; to enable our global community to realise psychological, emotional and physical freedom from all that holds us back and to unearth a far deeper human experience and connection with fellow beings.


We aim to provide exclusive and authentic services to wedding professionals and couples/individuals in long-term relationships, which include support, peer group mentoring, coaching, an online community and resources, workshops, retreats and events with a focus on personal development and wellbeing.

There are lots of ways that you can help us to get Nourishing Network off the ground, from joining our membership programme or attending one of our exclusive taster member sessions and events. Whichever way you choose to pledge, it will be greatly appreciated, and here’s a little more information about Nourishing Network to convince you...

** Member sessions, social events and the online community will be separate for industry and those in relationships. Some of our public workshops and retreats will be tailored specifically to industry or to relationships, while others will be open for anyone to attend.


  • Our monthly member sessions combine peer-mentoring, life coaching and deep listening, and are intimate groups of 9 participants plus a facilitator - each group remains the same unless a member leaves and is replaced
  • They offer a supportive space where you can eliminate any isolation and share/hear stories of other like-minded people, discovering that the challenges you may have thought were unique to you are universal 
  • This creates a powerful, shared, authentic experience, opening your mind to your own potential
  • We will be facilitating both in-person groups and virtual groups. The format will be the same, however as we will be launching the in-person groups in London only to begin with, having the option of being part of a virtual group allows for flexibility. We hope to gradually spread our in-person groups throughout the UK


  • Quarterly social member events, which will include informal talks on topics ranging from wellbeing to inspiring stories, delicious food and the opportunity for heart-felt conversation and networking


  • Discussion boards for members to share thoughts and musings, highs and lows
  • Ability to direct message members to support one another remotely
  • Details of member sessions and social events
  • Interesting articles
  • Features by leading wellbeing experts
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • Media resource of tools 
  • Recommended book list
  • Trusted directory of alternative health and wellbeing practitioners


Open to the public, these will be highly varied but may include for example:

  • Workshops to facilitate communication
  • Workshops to realise how through embracing emotions, deep peace can be experienced
  • Workshops on connecting with and expressing our creativity
  • Workshops on mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Workshops to develop a more positive relationship with money
  • Retreats to facilitate a deeper connection between couples
  • Events bringing together a range of wellbeing initiatives and activities


  • One-to-one Nourishing
  • Couple's Nourish sessions


We are hosting an exclusive, invitation-only launch event in February focused on wellbeing and will send invitations to the first 50 people that pledge £50 or above later in the year.


We have limited places available at our exclusive taster member sessions that we will be running in central London on 7th December and 18th January.  Offered on a random selection basis for pledges between £50 and £750. A confirmed place at one session for pledges of £1,000. 


Gemma and Nova will each be live streaming a talk. Pledges between £200 and £400 include access to one of these - please email us at to let us know which one you would like to join. Access to both talks is offered for pledges of £600 - £1,000. If a talk forms part of your pledge, you will be emailed with further information about how to join a week in advance of the talk.


We will be giving away one year of free Nourishing Network membership in a raffle that will be drawn at our launch event in February 2017. The winner can choose if they would like this to be in-person or virtual.



  • Full membership into Nourishing Network includes access to our online community and resources, and a reserved place at your monthly member group
  • Social events are at an additional cost
  • Membership also provides access to private coaching sessions at an additional cost
  • Public workshops, retreats and events will be discounted for full members
  • You will play an important part in shaping and nurturing a compassionate wedding community
  • We will continually consult with our members for feedback and insight

Current membership packages (subject to change):

Full Ambassador: £1200

Annual Nourishing Network membership either in-person or virtually plus the opportunity to be featured in our newsletter and support / training to become a Nourishing Mentor

Full In-Person Annual: £800 / Full Virtual Annual: £650

A reserved place at up to 12 sessions of your monthly member group, access to organised social events and our online community and resources, and discounts to our public events. Exclusive access to private coaching sessions and priority booking for our public workshops, retreats and events

Full In-Person Six Months: £450 / Full Virtual Six Months: £350

A reserved place at up to 6 sessions of your monthly member group, access to organised social events and our online community and resources, and discounts to our public events. Exclusive access to private coaching sessions and priority booking for our public workshops, retreats and events

Online Annual: £400

12 months access to our online community and resources. Standard access to our public workshops, retreats and events

Online Six Months: £250 

6 months access to our online community and resources. Standard access to our public workshops, retreats and events


Our intention, once we have consolidated our offering, is to support extending our work to people from different socio-economic backgrounds so we can take this important conversation and shift in perspective into the whole of society.


We're launching this Crowdfunder campaign to raise funds to expand the work we are doing. We will continue researching and refining the content based on members feedback, building a platform from which we will raise awareness and promote our aims so people know there is somewhere that they can come for support, guidance and shared experience.

By pledging towards our campaign you will be helping to bring this much needed initiative to life and supporting a voice for positive wellbeing and cultural change within the industry and beyond.


The funds raised from the Crowdfunding campaign will enable us to:

  • Pay for venue hire and staff to organise and facilitate the taster member sessions and events
  • Develop the digital platform
  • Market and launch the organisation
  • Cover the venue hire and other costs for the membership that forms part of our rewards
  • Get Nourishing Network off the ground

Should you decide to make a pledge, we hope you'll see this as a real investment in your journey; and that of others we'll be able to help in the future through our important work.

If we don't reach our target by our deadline, sadly we won't receive any of it, so if the concept resonates with you, please do share our project with anyone and everyone you know that could benefit from what we're creating!

Your support means everything to us and we would be so grateful if you are able to pledge and make what we are hoping to create a reality. In return for your contribution, we have put together some exclusive rewards just for you, which you can see in the panel on the right.

Thank you SO much!

Gemma and Nova


Our video and photos were kindly produced by our friend Jon Kwan from Munrow VR who makes sensitive and beautiful films for a range of clients, specialising in weddings, events, wellbeing and travel. Jon works with both traditional and 360 films - visit his website for more information:
* Since shooting our video, we decided to slightly change the network's name so please disregard our mention of the old name in the video.