Northamptonshire EMS Community First Aid Project

Community first aid training aimed at saving lives, promoting cardiac arrest survival and inspiring the next generation of paramedics.

Northamptonshire Emergency Medical Services Limited is a private events medical provider and training company.

We are looking to engage with our local community and deliver reduced price or free first aid training to everyone in the community.

We have written a basic 2-4 hour course which can be delivered in local community centres across Northamptonshire by our experienced paramedics, nurses and first aid trainers.

The course will cover:

  • Basic life support and CPR and recovery position
  • Recognising a heart attack
  • Choking
  • Calling 999
  • Roles in the ambulance service
  • Emergencies in children
  • Cuts, bruises and much much more

We require funding to purchase manniquins, resources, training equiptment and to pay for room hire, handouts and books.

Your contribution could help make Northamptonshire and surrounding areas the safest place to live in the UK and develop the best cardiac arrest outcomes in the country, we aim to do this by giving the general public the skills, knowlege and confidence to help them save lives and inspire the next generation of paramedics, EMTs, doctors and nurses and develop existing skills of those who already have them.