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A charitable Incorporated Organisation that provides artistic, educational and social support services to 13-16 year olds.


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Helping young people succeed

  • An innovative youth support service for 13-16 year olds
  • uses arts and education to enlighten and strengthen social skills
  • strong anti-violence code; to be signed upon joining the service.
  • Updates the parents and the community on progress of the organisation/service users
  • Community projects; improving our environment without it being a punishment - giving back to our community
  • One stop shop for CV building, job search, assistance with applications to college etc.
  • Homework clubs and Literacy and ICT sessions
  • Reward system for service users to encourage good behaviour and progress
  • Health awareness; healthy cooking sessions and drug, alcohol and sex education.
  • Mentoring and family mediation
  • Family workshops
  • Day trips and residential breaks  at subsidised cost offering experiences to deprived youths
  • Provides valuable work experience (volunteer oppertunities) to young people training in education and social care

Further Aspirations

  • Government support
  • To work in schools and with youth offending service
  • Centres across London and other inner cities

Encourages young people to use PHIL as  the foundations to build positive and successful lives.

PEACE: Strict anti- violence policy. metal detector search upon entry. Centres open to youths from all areas. No territorial warfare. Love thy neighbour and live peacefully . 

HEALTH: promotes healthy lifestyles with sport and healthy cooking sessions as well as providing information on sex, alcohol and drugs.

ICT: Computer sessions, CV building, job searches and MS OFFICE. Helping to promote and improve computer literacy.  

Literacy: Identifying gaps in education and assisting to fill them. Assisting with applications and job searches. Homework groups.

It is fundamental that we invest time and resources into developing youths to ensure that they have the necessary skill set to make informed decisions regarding their futures.

There is a direct correlation between poor education, deprivation and crime in inner city areas are predominantly affected. Currently support is mostly available to those already in the youth justice system, by which time their criminal records have already impacted their oppertunities. NO KNIVES JUST VIBES aims to support young people to prevent them committing crimes.

 The school environment is not best equipped to meet the needs of all students. By providing alternative ways of learning, we will bridge the gap and provide an inclusive sevice for those often excluded from school and society.

The team comprises of young parents with experience in education, criminal justice and social care as well as training in dealing with challenging behaviours hence we are well equipped to educate and facilitate progress with our service users.

There is a need for more safe spaces in our community. We want to create centres/clubs that provide this and much more.  Many young people are too afraid to attend non-school events due to the risk of violence and territorial gang culture. We acknowledge these issues and will be engaging in talks both within and outside of our centres to ensure that we are recognised as an anti-violent organisation, to get young people to face the consequences of violence (talks from parents whom have lost a child and reformed offenders) and exploring ways in which disagreements can be dealt with without violence.

Through varied focused workshops we will stimulate the variety of developmental learning needs, broadening the horizons of young people because the 'one cap fits all' approach to education and learning excludes many. Communication skills as well as practical skills for life such as cooking, advice on personal healthcare, sport acitivies and sessions where DIY skills are taught (building flatpack furniture, changing a fuse, using a drill etc) will be rotated to accomodate different agegroups and newcomers to the service. These are all essential skills that are ommitted from the school curriculum and we hope by offering these experiences young people will realise their potential and maybe even help them make decisions about their future training and employment. We would like to offer ITC sessions to improve and develop computer skills and ensure that local youths are computer literate with Microsoft Office experience. Much of the technological savvy of youths is associated with smart phones and games consoles which limits their employment options. We will operate small group sessions (compared to the average school class) to enable us to provide efficient one-to-one assistance as necessary. Our ITC sessions will coincide with our creative topic and hence our service users can use thier skills to create show programmes, posters, presntations, etc. 

These sessions will take place in a suitable building on weekday evenings. (Three times a week depending on popularity).

An informal and engaging approach to teaching new skills will appeal to and include those whom find it difficult to cope and progress at school without excluding others. The youths will be able to contribute ideas to how and what they learn, receive rewards for achievement and present these achievements to their parents/carers and the wider community at our quaterly showcase.

Arts will provide a platform for expression and help to boost confidence and social skills; the young people will work together as well as alone to improve social interactions and team spirit. We will base our creative topics around local and international issues which are of interest to the young people so that they can express their opinions about controversial topics in a controlled environment, whilst being allowed the freedom to be honest and carefree. As the project leader is qualified to teach literacy and ESOL and passionately believes that the ability to communicate and express oneself effectively is key to increasing oppertunities in employment, managing relationships and coping in everyday social situations, our creative productions will explore the English language, encourage use of a wider vocabulary and encourage youths to write poetry/lyrics that do not glamorise gang culture and crime. They will perform to their parents/carers and the community allowing them be a part of something positive and rewarding. We will also use social media platforms to present the hard work of these young people and help them create music videos and short film which address their fears and offer resolutions in order to assist a wider youth audience.

We would like to consult with local residents, churches and housing providers to offer community restoration oppertunities to our service users; helping to make/keep our community attractive should be a rewarding process rather than a community punishment. We hope by engaging the local youths in this sort of activity, they will feel better about themselves and their environment and change the way they are perceived by the adults in their community.

Our ethos is to enlighten, care and nurture. We aim to build strong, trusting relationships with our service users by encouraging regular attendance and assigning them keyworkers. We want young people to recognise that for us, this is more than just a job and that their lives really matter to us. By keeping a record of their particpation, achievements and any problems that a young person may encounter both in and outside of our service, we can address these issues directly with them at reviews and offer advice and assistance on how to rectify the problems and move forward and highlight the positive steps they have taken since the last review. We aim to establish and maintain communication with their parents/carers because we believe that strong connections with adults can have a positive impact and reduce the risk of criminal activity amongst young people. Upon signing up to our service, parents/carers will agree that we can and will correspond with them. Family mediation will be available to those whom would benefit. This type of service is difficult to obtain and many families do not know where to turn when things get tough. Problems at school can cause tensions at home and being able to address these issues with someone whom is unconnected but familiar with your young person can be a great relief. We want the parents/carers to keep updated with our work and how we are supporting their young person and to be confident that we are providing a safe beneficial service to them.

We want to act as a onestop-shop for local youth and family services; providing information about outside services whom could assist when we cant. Budget cuts, lack of information and a reluctance to involve external services, limit the amount of support being received by vulnerable young people and their families. Often young people are given relaxed boundaries simply because they present a strain to their families when at home. We want to get young people off the streets and using their time constructively; learning, developing and having good, clean fun. We will promote family workshops and encourage parents/carers to sign up to these sessions where they can bond, learn with their child and have fun together.

By providing safe centres where local young people can gain and develop new skills under the guidance of adults whom are committed to helping them make the most of their lives, we can have a positive impact on our community and its future. Youths need more than a pool table in the evening to stimulate their brains and offering a wide range of workshops adapted to the needs and age of our service users, will prevent boredom and encourage engagement. Our initial idea was to use metal detection to assure safety but unless we are able to secure a permanent site where we can install a walk-through detector, using handheld detectors may prove time-consuming and disruptive to our sessions. We have already received a donation of a handheld detector from West Minster International and we're considering how we might put this to use. Safety for volunteers/staff and service users is paramount and by engaging in regular discussions about violence, the causes and the consequences, we hope to have a positive influence on the rate of 

The service will be free albeit some workshops and leisure experiences may require a small donation. We will continue to fundraise throughout the year and prove that we are a service worthy of committed sponsorship.

 Volunteers with a current CBS check will be utilised in assisting with the day to day running of the centre albeit we will employ some staff and or/pay for one off services of professionals to run specified workshops where volunteers can not be aquired.

 We hope you agree that this is a great oppertunity and help with the startup cost of this project. We are raising funds for the lease or hire of a premises in the SE6/BR1 area of London and require PC's, furniture, stationary and a mini bus. We are quite happy to start small and build our organisation in time and will utilise any funds raised to begin our project and promote our work via our website and social media to raise awareness and gain support.

We are strating up in an area where youth crime is prevalant and current crime prevention programmes do not offer the oppertunity for young people to gain essential skills which we are committed to providing. We want to help make our community safer whilst assisting young people to increase the oppertunities they will have as adults by broadening their skills and capabilities whilst still providing them with the oppertunities to enjoy new, fun experiences.

Day trips and residential break oppertunities will be offered at a subsidised price offering experinces to deprived young people. These oppertunities will not be available to those whom do not attend regularly or break the service rules.

Our website will be up and running by February and we will be creating social media platforms which will have videos of our social research which is ongoing with the young people whom live in the SE6 and BR1 areas. We are confident that our service is required and desired in the area and the young people we have spoken to agree.

All and any contributions will be gratefully recieved.

Please feel fee to email me for further information.

Thank you.