No Coach Park in Berwick Upon Tweed

An Environment project Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland

No Coach Park in Berwick Upon Tweed

Help us pay for an independent environmental study to combat the planned Coach Park to be built in the heart of Historic Berwick-Upon-Tweed


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Berwick Upon Tweed is an Historic Walled Town , with over 300 listed buildings. We are also one of the most deprived towns in Northern England, and tourism is one of our major sources of employment. The need for a coach park to attract tourists is well established, but Northumberland County Council have chosen to build it right in the middle of the main conservation area - next to residential buildings. They have stated in another letter that the current coach parking area (2 on street bays), next to their new offices, is not appropriate.  Bringing heavy diesel vehicles into a residential area, in an historic setting will damage our environment (noise, particulates, vibration). Initial works has already caused the subsidence of a large length of 18th C walls, which are now being demolished. Coach operators have said it is not fit for purpose. One hotelier who is adjacent to the associated drop off point has had to refund guests money because of the noise. All 4 hotels (who are the supposed beneficiaries) near the Coach Park oppose it. No one supports this folly. The real tragedy is that we need the money wasted on this to be spent on a proper visitors facility, for coaches, walkers, cyclists etc - with  toilets, a cafe and visitor  information. Instead we are getting a lousy scheme that will bring heavy diesel vehicles in to an historic town, damage its architecture, increase pollution, and ruin our tourist sector. No consideration has been given to older people, families with young children or people with disabilities in the design. We have held them off for 2.5 years, but the bulldozers circling. We need to raise £2000 to pay for independent environmental impact studies. Please help - just few £££ will help us reach our target, and enable us to take on a well financed County Council who have already spent £500,000+ on this - simply to move 2 coaches away  from outside their new £4 Million offices. A decent coach park with toilets, a cafe, information and a visitor centre will attract tourists, create jobs, and protect our environment. To get that we have to stop the current plan.