Night and Day; a Concerto for Pi

The Night and Day Concerto for Pi. The creation of a unique multi composer Concerto suitable for Pi. Published free to use.

The Night and Day Concerto for Pi.

The project is aimed at producing a new music concerto in three parts, being Dawn, Mid-Day and Dusk.

The project will be aimed at creating new compositions that will be made freely available to all users of Pi and have been created on Sonic Pi. software.

We are NOT associated to Pi or any of its companies and products.

Individuals, schools, clubs and after school coding clubs are invited to submit compositions.

Each piece submitted should be no less than 1 minute and no more than 3 minutes in duration. ( Repeats and loops are allowed)  A maximum of 15 x 2 minutes or 30 x 1 minute pieces will make 'One Concerto'.

If however there is suitable material we are happy to try and create additional pieces.

Participants are invited to create pieces that fit the theme in the most apt way through any variety of sound and instruments.

The finished Concerto will be made available free or charge to all schools and Pi Users. We will also notate this piece as far as possible and publish the music on both Android and iTunes Apps as free apps for further audiences to enjoy.

The project will be co-ordinated and produced by eto Music Practice Ltd. An established production and Publishing company based in Ceredigion, Wales.

eto are the publishers of a variety of music practice apps for schools and home learners. The iTunes versions can be seen here:

eto is also available as music practice for schools and Home Learners here:

eto Music practice is also producing the school choir practice apps for Young Voices 2017:

If successful with this project, we will also attempt a Live performance of this piece using a network of linked Pi Units.