Meeting NHS demand for additional space

Meeting NHS demand for additional space

Supporting the NHS services by providing access to available space/premises where & when required....accessible services for citizens!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a relatively new firm made up of health and social care professionals, all with the same goal of providing the NHS & private practitioners access to available space where and when needed.  It would be great to deliver more services in the community for citizens to access -

Currently trying to engage with thousands of health professionals, private, public & voluntary sector organisations across the UK identifying those with available space and those seeking space in order to meet citizen & commissioning needs.  For example Care Homes, Local Authorities, Churches, Community Groups, GP Surgeries, Acute & Mental Health Trusts, Health Centres, schools plus many more.  As well as engaging with commercial property providers across the UK for available buildings/floors.

  • We are seeking advertisers wishing to be listed on our site  and the funding will be used to help us reach more organisations across the UK wishing to advertise space for adhoc or regular use and those wishing to find space for delivering clinical & consulting services, group sessions  etc.
  • We have designed the capability to add a company profile for each funder/advertiser plus the ability for them to list multiple services/products.  For example, imagine an NHS organisation wishing to deliver services in a new location and require access to additional staff, advertisers could take the opportunity to list their recruitment services.  Another example is advertising to those offering space such as schools, care homes etc.


  •  £50 funding provides a one-year organisation/person profile page and the ability to add unlimited products / services, which users of can access and contact you directly through the site. 
  • Ability to add/amend products/services directly
  • Add unlimited photos of your products/services
  • Receive reviews from site members utilising your services / products which you can vet.
  • Site Members can contact you directly from your listing(s) or through your contact details / website. 
  • Users can compare profiles, features, photos & reviews

Thank you so much in advance for your support